Make Body is Now Bradoria!



Cue the sirens, it’s official- Make Body is now Bradoria!

We hope you love our new name and continue to enjoy our top-of-the-line lingerie. Rest assured, nothing has changed but our brand. Our lingerie is still made of our world-class fabrics and with the same intent of providing you with well-deserved bras and shapewear that fit your body and lifestyle.

So, why the name change?

When we started our lingerie company, the focus wasn’t on the brand. Instead, our focus was on delivering our promises of providing high quality products for deserving women and top notch customer service. The name was not at the top of our priorities, so we chose the simple to remember “Make Body” name.

Now, we have expanded our focus to expressing our promises through our brand, and changing the name was an integral part of that goal. With our new name, we are better able to showcase the quality of our company’s service and products with a brand fitting to our mission.

We chose the name Bradoria to reflect our values. In Greek, “doria” means "the sea," which gives the perfect image of the soft, deep, versalite, and sometimes mysterious woman that our company seeks to provide with products fitting her graceful, water-like form. Our focus is still on high-quality bras and shapewear, so we chose to preface our name with “Bra” first, to reflect that we are quality product-minded first and foremost.

We think that Bradoria is the perfect name to fit our company’s mission and values.

What do you think of the new name?
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